Strong Voice Basis Course

The "Strong Voice Basic Course" offers you a comprehensive exercise plan for an entire week. You can effectively train all the important areas for speech, swallowing and voice in about 15 minutes at every day of the week.

Every day is different. The combination makes the training so effective. You can repeat the course as many times as you like and play the individual videos in any order. However, I recommend practicing with each video once a week.

Here are the contents of the course:

The individual practice days always follow the same structure: You always know what to expect.


Warm up

Just like any athlete, we prepare our body for the training.



Breathing is the foundation for everything including speech. We strengthen and stretch your respiratory muscles. Often we combine this with exercises for the lips and clear speech.


Facial muscles

Next step is to move on to train your face. We relax your facial and jaw muscles.
Afterwards we do exercises to strengthen and improve the mobility of the lips and tongue muscles.



Now everything is well-prepared for effective voice training. We strengthen your voice with different sounds, improve your articulation and work on your vocal melody and emphasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

This basic course is suitable for moderately affected Parkinson’s patients. Further courses for other degrees of difficulty and specializations are planned. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed about new courses.

No, the course is designed to complement speech therapy. It is designed to help you practice every day.
However, if you don't have speech therapy, doing the exercises with me every day is better than not practicing at all.

The Strong Voice program Strong Voice Programm is located in an exclusive members area. As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive your access data by e-mail and can get started immediately.

The Strong Voice program Strong Voice Programm includes 7 videos of approx. 15 minutes each. and is intended for seven days of training. But you can do all the exercises at your own pace. You can pause and repeat at any time. 

As long as the product exists, you have access to it. That is at least 1 year after your purchase. 

The course price is $165.00 or £129.00.

Are you ready to work with me effectively and sustainably on your Parkinson's symptoms?

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