How do you develop your exercise routine to defy Parkinson’s?


Do you think routines are boring?

When I searched for a suitable photo for this post and entered the keyword "routine" a lot of pictures were suggested to me that showed boredom.
I didn't have that in mind. Routines are great - exercise routines!!!

The best thing you can do when getting your body used to a workout is to develop an exercise routine.

How do you do it? Think about this:

  • What time suits for me?
    You can choose a specific time that suits you. That's how you do it with your medication. But you can also link it to daily routines. Before or after a meal, before or after brushing your teeth, etc…
  • What do you want to practice?
    Think carefully about what you want to do. For example you might plan to do speaking practice
  • How long will you practice?
    Set a very specific time and practice for that long, e.g. 15 minutes. Don't take on too much. Start with shorter practice times. That motivates.
  • Where do you like to practice?
    Determine an exact place where you can do your training undisturbed. Prepare everything so that you can start easily. For example provide a chair that can always remain in this place.

Your new exercise routine could be this:

I do

  • Every morning
  • after brushing my teeth
  • 15 minutes
  • strong voice training
  • on my chair
  • in the kitchen.

Helping you to develop a exercise routine I had in mind when I developed my „Strong Voice Basic Course“. Try the course for 0€. It’s quite easy! Register on my website Esther Grote and 5 minutes later it’s ready to start!

Try it! It is worth it! Together we defy Parkinson's!
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