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Defy Parkinson's means

Let me help you! You know it. In Parkinson's disease, regular practice, i.e., regular movement of the muscles, is extremely important and crucial for the progression of the disease.

For your voice, your speech and your swallowing it means moving and strengthening the respiratory muscles, diaphragm, facial and tongue muscles and the muscles in the larynx through in a regular training.

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I know how hard it can be to build an exercise routine and practice permanently, consistently, and regularly. But it's worth it. It is valuable for your body and soul if you manage to work actively on relieving your symptoms - you are defying Parkinson’s.

I've had a few thoughts on this. Please read this article on the subject. I'm sure you can build your exercise routine with these tips. diesen Tipps kannst Du es schaffen, Deine Übungsroutine aufzubauen.

What is my vision

Everyone who suffers from Parkinson's has the opportunity to train their voice, speech and swallowing muscles effortlessly, very effectively and every day through my course.

No barriers:

Simply turn on the TV, computer, laptop, or smartphone and start. There are no lost worksheets, no questions how to do the exercises and no long commutes. It's almost like being in a therapy session

Try out my "Strong Voice Basis Course"

My Why

Kommunikation ist ein Grundbedürfnis!
Communication is a basic need! I want to contribute to ensuring that communication, i.e., conversations with family and friends, expressing wishes, feelings, and needs, can be maintained for as long as possible.

Everyone should be heard and understood for as long as possible. This allows participation in life and a higher quality of life.

I train holistically with you

My goal is for everyone to actively work on alleviating the symptoms of the disease. Build an exercise routine. Only through regular and consistent practice can you challenge Parkinson's. You have the power in your hands.

My most important experiences from over 20 years as a speech therapist are:
Everything in our body is interconnected. Everything is in interaction. That's why the courses are holistic. There is no isolated training for one area. Effectiveness in my courses comes from the interconnection of these areas. For example: breathing exercises are vocal exercises too, articulation exercises are breathing vocal exercises as well.

My Courses

„Strong Voice Basic Course“

Voice - Speech - Facial Expression - Breathing: These are the key pillars for your strong voice, lively facial expressions, and clear pronunciation. That's why these are the essential elements of this course. You can do an effective training in just 15 minutes at every day of the week. 

Course shows amazing results

My husband has Parkinson's. I am a singing teacher, but he wouldn't work with me on diaphragm support and breathing, his voice was getting softer and softer, and he was starting to struggle with swallowing. I was really frightened as I knew that what he needed was a daily routine of vocal training. Esther's course was God send in my opinion. He goes upstairs and does the exercises for 15 mins daily. I began to hear a difference in only 2 days! My husband said I was exaggerating, but I thought there was an audible vocal difference. We are just on our way home from the hospital where he has had his second session with the NHS therapist. She was shocked at the improvement and said that last session he was speaking at 55-60 on the decibel meter and this time he didn't drop below 65. Do this course of you have problems with Parkinson's, daily! The discipline of working with Esther will bring great results.

Jane M.

Try out my "Strong Voice Basic Course"

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